Hello, I'm Melissa and I like to eat.

As Little Melissa, my first word wasn't "mom", "dad", or any variation of the two...

My first word was "UP". Why, do you ask?

Because even then, my precocious little self knew that the COOKIE JAR was UP on top of the fridge!

So obviously, even at a tender young age I was a girl who knew what she wanted.

I started this page because I originally had only an Instagram page, but then realized I had more words and pictures than people probably wanted to read in a tiny little IG post. 

I started a foodie account on Instagram because I simply enjoy food. Food makes people happy. It doesn't have to be fancy or complex (although those sort of meals are certainly wonderful as well!) and I love how a great meal has this magical ability to bring people together. Instagram has allowed me an outlet to be creative and share this enjoyment, and this website is an extension of that. 

Nice to meet you! Eat well. :)